LODUBS712023 - Al​-​Haca​/​Stereotyp​/​Meesha 7" [LIMITED COLOR VINYL EDITION]

by LoDubs Records



As those well versed in the world of music may know, any expanding genre is a progressing cycle towards the unknown. In relation, although the classic era of Dubstep may have seemed to appear out of the blue for some, many in the know have seen it as the cycle of growth, either in a general way as part of the continuum from Dub on up, or in a more specific way by sighting influences. It would be hard not to see how Stereotyp, and his 2002 full length "My Sound" was not almost a direct template of the Roots-driven side of the sound to emerge out of South London 4 years later, with its combination of minimalistic proto-electro percussion, emphasized dub-centric basslines, and roots style vocal contributions from future dub pioneers such as Tikiman and DJ Collage.

Much as any true visionary, fast forward ten years from the release of that seminal record and you find stereotyp working in a realm grounded in indigenous culture, yet advanced beyond any catch all genre parroted by the tastemakers. For Stereotyp, his productions, which involve aspects of a multitude of south of the equator cultural influences is known simply as "Barefoot".

And under that banner Stereotyp has unveiled productions at a dizzying pace, with 7 pages full of individual tracks just on his soundcloud. The material on this 7" started as a remix created by LoDubs alumnus Meesha (LODUBS-1210018). Himself a man of many interests, with productions ranging from drone music to UK Funky, Meesha from time to time works in the 90 BPM dancehall framework, and sent us his restructuring of "One A Name Hittas" Featuring Daddy Freddy along with a few other tracks. Although every track in the pile stood out from the crowd, his remix, with its swung production which lies somewhere just on the less frenetic side of the autonomic DnB sound stuck out, and became a regular inclusion as part of both DnB and dancehall sets.

Once something sticks in our pile of dubs for a minute, and shows the traits of forward thinking yet tradition mindful music, it moves up to the short list. It was just a matter of what to get from Stereotyp to accompany it, which, with his endless pile of amazing productions, was admittedly hard. However, "Break the Silence" featuring Sizzla, with its huge bass hits and slack delivery yet culture words (True to the Sizzla style) was the one, the second it hit the speakers.

And with that, LoDubs is proud to present a first on two fronts. Our First Dancehall record, and the first 7" 45 to be release on the label.


released October 1, 2012


all rights reserved


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